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Friday, September 3, 2021

Genius - Untitled 197x Complete Lp (Lossless)


* Hola a todos los seguidores del blog , sé que he estado mucho tiempo inactivo , y la razón es que estoy en otros proyectos que me ocupan mucho tiempo , pero trataré de publicar algo aunque sea cada semana, para llenar este vacío os dejo un vinyl rip hecho por mi en formato WAV , un rarísimo álbum de a mediados de los 70's donde podremos encontrar 2 excelentes disco tracks como ''Inspector Jones'' y ''Bermilya Avenue (Complot)'' , álbum de origen Argentino.

Tracklist :

A1    Inspector Jones
A2    4:00 In The Morning
A3    Bermilya Avenue (Complot)
A4  Adults Only (Tienes Tu Cuartito Para Ver Tus Películas)
B Arroz Con Leche (Rice Pudding)

Credits :

Arranged By, Conductor – D. Goldman
Backing Vocals – Jeannette, Marianella
Executive-Producer – Fr. Silverstein
Vocals, Lyrics By – KierstenWritten 
Written-By – Frank Silverstein
Written-By, Arranged By, Adapted By – David Goldman

StyleDisco,Funk/Soul,Prog Rock,Instrumental

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  1. Hi Jorge nice to see you back, and this is a new one for me I lok forward to having a listen.

    Regards Simon John

  2. Hola Jorge. Una noticia muy grata la de tu regreso. Ya estaba preocupado por tu prolongada ausencia. Gracias por seguir compartiendo tan excelente música. Saludos desde Lima.

  3. Along with this site and Melodiesmagic, my other favourite disco music blog is Discoconnection so it's nice to see Simon John in the comments section!
    Wow, Jorge, what can I say? The Genius album is just incredible - literally genius disco music with enough strange sounds and vocals/spoken word to keep any fan of avant-garde electronic music very happy.
    It's literally genius, every single track and the best 'Disco' album from Latin America I've heard since I first came across the Signus Black Hole album years ago.
    The only copy for sale on Discogs would cost me about £250 including postage to the UK so its way beyond my price range sadly. I'm astonished that unlike the Signus album, no bootleg has surfaced...yet.
    Even though it has a label name and catalogue number it looks like it's a one off release and the artists 'English' names are clearly pseudonyms (all the names mentioned on the album seem to be pseudonyms for that matter).
    I would love to know what Argentinian musicians and artists were behind this Arp/Moog bass heavy disco delight.
    Clearly there was some serious musicians involved and money was clearly spent on this album as its not your average DIY-bedroom/basic studio private pressing - The artwork alone is both mysterious and genre-defying like the music itself.
    Definitely in the top five of records Jorge has kindly shared with us all over the years and I can't thank him enough for this discovery (plus its a lossless WAV rip just to make this post pretty much a perfect share.)
    Thanks, my friend!

  4. ...and what you, kosmikino, wrote above, is one of the BEST comments I've read so far in this Blog :-)
    It's always nice to read some more words than just a simple ''thanks''.
    I think comments like yours also help to keep this Blog alive.

  5. does not work... A3 - Bermilya Avenue (Complot).wav