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* Mi preciado blog dedicado solo a la música Disco en version instrumental y orquestal con reconocidos arreglistas y concertistas de los años 70's y 80's,esta es la escencia,la base,el glamour y la maravillosa sinfonía que perdúra en el tiempo....

* My precious blog dedicated only to the Disco music in instrumental and orchestral version with renowned arrangers and concert artists from the 70's and 80's, this is the essence,the base,the glamour and the wonderful symphony that lasts over time...

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eddie Drennon - It Don't Mean A Thing 1978 Lp Complete



    Arranged By – Eddie Drennon
    Artwork – Edward Beckett
    Bass – Bob Babbit, Francisco Centeno
    Conductor – Eddie Drennon
    Drums – Jimmy Young
    Engineer [Recording, Mixing] – Pat Jaques
    Flute – Mauricio Smith
    Guitar – Craig Snyder
    Horns – Dick Perry, Joe Ferrante, John Frosk, John Messner, Paul Feloce, Bob Alexander, Sy Berger

    Keyboards – Leon Pendaruis
    Mixed By – Pat Jaques
    Percussion – Felo Barrio, George Maysonet, Mike Lewis, Nicky Marrero, Tito Puente

    Photography By – Ron Slenzak, Scott Hensel
    Producer – Joe Bana
    Recorded By – Pat Jaques
    Recorder – Mauricio Smith
    Strings – The String Reunion
    Vocals – Saundra Winfield, Sheila Adams

Tracklist :

A1     It Don't Mean A Thing
A2     Disco Jam
A3     Song Without Words
A4     Stomp Your Feet
B1     Rhapsody
B2     What More Can I Say
B3     Dancing All Night
B4     Can You Dig It


Style : Disco funk/soul,Orchestral

Password :   drennon78


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Caravelli - Disco Selections 1975 - 1982



*  17 pistas con sonido...usted ya sabe,extraídos de diferentes albunes grabados en 1976 hasta 1982,una variedad de covers al estilo del compositor francés ''Caravelli''

Selection musical by Jorge Gago


1)     Afrique Adieu                      1982
2)     Begin the beguine                 1981
3)     I got to Rio                         1977
4)     I'm on fire                           1976
5)     Brasilia Carnaval                  1975  
6)     Can't take my eyes off you  1982
7)     Don't Leave Me This Way    1977
8)     The Hustle                          1976
9)     J'attendrai                          1976
10)   Just a Illusion                     1982
11)   L'arche de Noe                   1977
12)   Let's all chant                     1978
13)   Love to love you baby        1976
14)   Obsesssionnellement votre  1977
15)   Rock your baby                  1976
16)   Sunny                                1977
17)   T.S.O.P                              1976

''Begin the beguine''

Style : Disco,Funk/Soul,Pop,Easy listening,Instrumental/Orchestral

Password :    caravelliselections

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ennio Pellegrini - Bolle Nell'Aria 1979 Lp



*  Incursionando un poco en la librería italiana ''CAM'' encontramos un elegante álbum con sonido Bossa Nova,jazz y disco de 1979 totalmente instrumental

Arranged,Producer - Ennio Pellegrini

 Tracklist :

A1     Danzando Con Te
A2     Ivana
A3     Febbre D'Estate
A4     Gioco Di Parole
A5     Vago Ricordo
B1     Incontro In Jeans
B2     Ritorno A Cortina
B3     Bolle Nell'Aria
B4     Fuga D'Amore

''Fuga D'amore''

Style : Disco,Funk/soul,Jazz,Bossa Nova,Instrumental

Password :  ennio_pelle_bollenellaria


Monday, July 28, 2014

Meco - The Wizard Of Oz 1978 Lp Complete



*   A cortesy of my friend ''Harry Van Der Veen'' aka ''Lounge Legends''

    Arranged By, Producer – Harold Wheeler
    Engineer – Bob Clearmountain, Don Berman, Neil Dorfsman
    Mastered By – Greg Calbi
    Producer – Meco Monardo, Tony Bongiovi

 Tracklist :

A1     Over The Rainbow                       1:58
A2     Cyclone                                        3:43
A3     Munchkinland                               1:19
A4     Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead     2:00
A5     Munchkinland (Again)                  0:40
A6     We're Off To See The Wizard (The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz)     3:32

B1     Poppies                                  1:12
B2     The Spell                                1:42
B3     Optimistic Voices                    1:31
B4     The Merry Old Land Of Oz      1:14
B5     The Haunted Forest                1:22
B6     March Of The Winkies             1:20
B7     Dorothy's Rescue                    1:11
B8     If I Were King Of The Forest  0:57
B9     Over The Rainbow                  1:05
B10     The Reprise: Delirious Escape/Over The Rainbow/Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead/Munchkinland     3:17

''The Wizard of OZ''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul,Classical,Instrumental/Orchestral


Sunday, July 27, 2014

J.C. Pierric,Michael Stevens & Rolland François - Disco Danses 197? Lp Complete



There really no data of the realization for this album,,not an mystery let you know where time is located for me.... is between 1978 - 1980

Guitar - Rolland François
Writing - Jean-Claude Pierric,Bernard levite,Rolland François
Arrangement - Jean-Claude Pierric
Producer - Michel Lagens 

Tracklist :

1       Disco Honest
2       Input Left Disco
3       Nothing At Disco
4       Atout Disco Coeur
5       Disco Teacher
6       Au Bord Du Disco
7       Disco Fine Sugar
8       Big Heat Disco
9       Full Open Disco
10     Les Poulains Disco
11     Ballad On The Time
12     Don't Play For Me
13     Blues For The Bird

''Disco fine sugar''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/soul,Instrumental


Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Salsa '78 Orchestra - The Best Of Salsa Disco 1977 Lp Complete



* Álbum totalmente lleno de covers de la disco entre 1974 - 1976 bajo la produccion de ''Springboard records'' para la venta comercial y proporcionar mas mas mas material para los DJ's de aquella época.

Engineer [Engineering] – Steve Lisi 

  Tracklist :

A1     Nice'n Naasty
A2     Tangerine
A3     Quiet Village
A4     Salsoul Rainbow
A5     Dance And Shake Your Tambourine
B1     Salsoul Hustle
B2     Brazil
B3     Dance Your Ass Off

B4     Disco Inferno

''Salsoul Hustle''

Style : Disco,Funk/soul,Instrumental/Orchestral

Password :  salsadisco1977


Friday, July 25, 2014

David Crawford - Millionaire Theme (Instrumental)1975


* Instrumental Version of the track ''I'd be a Millonaire'' Interpreted by David Crawford,the sound is very similar to the arrangements of ''Barry White''.

    Arranged By – Mike Terry
    Producer – Dave Crawford

''Millionaire Theme''

Style : Disco,Funk/Soul,Instrumental


Thursday, July 24, 2014

The New Marketts - Song From M*A*S*H / The Whistle 1976 Maxi



* ''Song from M*A*S*H'' disco version recorded in 1976

Arranged By – Ben Benay
Engineer – Brian Friedman
Producer – Joe Saraceno


A Song From M*A*S*H (Long Version)
Written-By – Johnny Mandel, Mike Altman

B The Whistle

Written-By – Ben Benay, Joe Saraceno, Skip Soder

''Song from M*A*S*H* (My Video)''

Style : Disco,funk/Soul,Instrumental/Orchestral


Yuji Ohno & His Project - Proof Of The Man (人間の証明) 1977 Lp Complete



    Alto Saxophone – Jake Concepcion
    Baritone Saxophone – Syunzoh Sunahara
    Bass – Akira Okazawa, Kenji Takamizu, Tsugutoshi Gotoh
    Composed By, Arranged By – Yuji Ohno
    Drums – Yasushi Ichihara
    Engineer – Tomiji Iyobe
    Executive Producer – Haruki Kadokawa
    Flute – Mitsuru Sohma*, Takeshi Shinohara, Yukio Etoh
    French Horn – Katsuyoshi Kurosawa, Masayuki Yamashiro, Tetsuo Higuchi

    Guitar – Hideki Ishima, Kiyoshi Sugimoto, Tsunehide Matsuki
    Harp – Aiko Irie, Keiko Yamakawa
    Oboe – Masakazu Ishibashi
    Organ – Kentaro Haneda, Minoru Kuribayashi, Nobuhiko Shinohara
    Percussion – Larry Sunaga, Tadaomi Anai
    Piano, Keyboards – Yuji Ohno
    Strings – Minoru Suzuki Group
    Tenor Saxophone – Takeru Muraoka
    Trombone – Eiji Arai, Hiroshi Suzuki, Michio Kagiwada, Noritaka Fukui, Sumio Okada

    Trumpet – Koji Hatori (tracks: Koji Hadori), Shin Kazuhara, Tetsuo Fushimi

    Vibraphone – Isao Kaneyama

Tracklist :

A1     Opening
A2     A Key To The Mistery
A3     Happy Feeling
A4     Ballade Of Lament
A5     Car Chase
A6     Coffee House At Dawn
B1     Get Up All The People
B2     Fantasia
B3     Reminiscences Of Kirizumi
B4     Scorch To Kirizumi
B5     The Main Theme From "Proof Of The Man"
B6     The Way To The SPA Of Kirizumi
B7     Instrumental Theme From "Proof Of The Man"

''Scorch to Kirizumi''

Style : Jazz,Funk/soul,Disco,Fussion,Instrumental/Orchestral


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Various Artists - Bon appetit OST 1980 Lp complete



* ''Bon Appétit Symphony'' a great disco concerto mixed by Jimmy Michaels and ''Paris Love'' a softly jazz funk disco,the others tracks...... not are to my delight.

 Tracklist: :

1)  Movin' East
Performed & Written by Trevor Bastow
c/o JW Media Music

2)  Final Destination
Performed & Written by Trevor Bastow
c/o JW Media Music

3)  Integration
Performed & Written by Trevor Bastow
c/o JW Media Music

4)  Sunset West
Performed & Written by Trevor Bastow
c/o JW Media Music

5)  Right Moment
Written by Peter Morris
Performed by The Bruton Music Orchestra
c/o Bruton Music

6) Sheer Elegance
Performed & Written by Alan Hawkshaw
c/o KPM Music

7)  Sky Train
Performed & Written by Alan Hawkshaw
c/o KPM Music

8)  Paris Love (Breezin')
Performed & Written by Keith Mansfield
c/o KPM Music

9)  Going Places
Performed & Written by Steve Gray
c/o Bruton Music

10) Bon Appetit Symphony (Queen's Award)
Performed & Written by Tony Kinsey
c/o KPM Music

''Tony Kinsey Orchestra - Bon appétit Symphony''

Style : Disco,Funk/soul,Easy listening,Instrumental/Orchestral

Not for Sale.. For now

Monday, July 21, 2014

Kai Warner & His Orchestra - Disco 78 1977 Lp Complete



Arranged,Production Manager - Kai Warner

 Tracklist :

A1     Caravan   
A2     Wooly Bully   
A3     Et Maintenant   
A4     Black Is Black   
A5     I'm So Thankful   
A6     Cherokee   
B1     Romeo   
B2     More   
B3     Hawaiian War Chant   
B4     Theme For A Summer Place   
B5     Venus   
B6     Sunny


Style : Disco,Funk/soul,Pop,Easy Listening,Instrumental/Orchestral

Password :   disco78_kai


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Enoch Light And The Light Brigade - The Disco Disque 1975 Lp Complete



*  A courtesy of my friend''Harry Van Der Veen aka Lounge Legends''

    Arranged By, Synthesizer [Arp] – Jeff Hest
    Bass – John Miller
    Drums – Albie Berk
    Engineer – Steve Friedman
    Engineer [Assistant] – Sam Ginsberg
    Guitar – Don Young, Tony Mottola
    Keyboards – Derek Smith
    Mastered By [Sq] – Cass Mondello
    Mastered By [Stereo] – Al Brown
    Percussion – Sue Evans
    Saxophone [And Flutes] – Eddie Daniels, George Young, Jeff Hest, Gerry Dodgion, Phil Bodner

    Trombone – Paul Faulise, Tommy Mitchell, Urbie Green
    Trumpet – Alan Rubin, Bob McCoy, John Faddis, Lou Soloff, Marvin Stamm

    Vocals – Hilda Harris, Jane Meryll, Maeretha Stewart

 Tracklist :

A1     The Hustle
A2     Love's Theme
A3     Lady Marmelade
A4     Sexy
A5     Got A Hold On
B1     Ease On Down The Road
B2     Satin Soul
B3     Hijack
B4     T.S.O.P. ("Soul Train")
B5     Pick Up That Pieces

''Love's theme''

Style : Disco,funk/soul,Instrumental/Orchestral

Password :   discodisque75


Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Salsoul Orchestra aka The Salsoul Strings - Sun After The Rain 1979 Maxi



* Hermosa version con ''Salsoul Orchestra'' bajo el nombre de ''Salsoul Strings'' cancion escrita por el Argentino ''Bebu Silvetti'',la musica te lo dice todo : la lluvia...el amanecer y el romance...todo en una sola melodía.

* A cortesía de mi amigo ''Dany D.'' del blog ''Discosoul-cargo''.

    Arranged By – Thor Baldursson
    Producer, Mixed By – Tom Moulton
    Written-By – Bebu Silvetti, Miguel Tottis

Tracklist :

A Sun After The Rain

B Sun After The Rain (Instrumental)

''Sun after the rain(Instrumental)''

Style : Disco,Funk/soul,Instrumetal/orchestral

Password :  salsoul2strings


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sergeant Cracker's Band - El Bimbo 1975 Lp



* Album with very sound to the famous track ''El Bimbo''of 1974,the genre and style are correctly cataloged When disco music was still in its disruptive mutations....

Produced - Michael Kunze


A1     El Bimbo
A2     Desperado
A3     Ay, Amor
A4     O Coco
A5     Let's Do It
A6     Que Bello
B1     Safari
B2     Sauerkrautmarsch
B3     El Cavello
B4     La Gitana
B5     Machucho
B6     Golden Memories



Style : Electronic disco,Pop/rock,Easy Listening,Instrumental/Orchestral

Password : stcracker_slp75


Franco Campanino - Napoli Si Ribella (OST) 1977 Lp Demo



*  2 tracks con sonido disco,extraídos del álbum OST ''Napoli si ribella'' de 1977 conocida también como ''A man called Magnum'',un film dirigido por ''Nanouk Leopold'',una producción 100% Italiana.

    Composed By, Conductor – Franco Campanino
    Performer – Panama Red Orchestra

 Tracklist :

A1     Napoli Si Ribella
A2     Vicolo Della Droga
A3     Rapina Alla Banca
A4     Disegni Di Bambina
A5     Gatto Nero
B1     Tema Di Rosa
B2     Giustizia Sommaria
B3     Inseguimento
B4     Ricordo Di Rosa

''Napoli Si ribella''

Style : Disco,funk/soul,Stage & Screen,Instrumental


Monday, July 14, 2014

The Botticelli Orchestra - The Sound Of Today 1977 Lp Complete



* Existe una version extendida de los siguientes tracks ''Botticelli's theme'' y ''Could it be magic'' en un single maxi de 1977,no estoy seguro si fue lanzado antes o después de este álbum....

    Engineer – Dick Bakker, Pat Collier
    Producer – Eddie Palmans

 Tracklist :

A1     Botticelli's Theme    
A2     Fernando    
A3     Save Your Kisses For Me    
A4     This Melody    
A5     Besame Mucho    
A6     Je Vais T' Aimer    
A7     Right Back Where We Started From    
B1     Could It Be Magic    
B2     Avant De Nous Dire Adieux    
B3     Come Prima    
B4     T' Aimer Encore Une Fois    
B5     Theme From Mahogany    
B6     Tu Sais Je T' Aime

''Botticelli's theme''

Style : Disco,funk/soul,Easy listening,Pop,Instrumental/Orchestral

Password :  botticelliLp1977


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Alan Moorhouse Orchestra - Never so beautiful 1977 Lp Complete



* ''Alan Moorhouse'' is a British composer, conductor, music director and saxophone player.
    Of 14 songs...was extracted 3 tracks with disco sound style

Arranged - Alan Moorhouse

Tracklist :
1         Cool Wind from the North
2         Handy Man
3         Lonely Lover
4         My Heart Belongs to Me
5         New York, New York
6         Princess Leia's Theme
7         Silver Lady
8         How Deep Is Your Love
9         The Name of the Game
10       Never So Beautiful
11       Sweet Jo-Jo
12       Tessitura
13       We Are the Champions
14       You're in My Heart

''Never so beautiful''

Style : Funk/soul,Disco,Easy listening,Instrumental/Orchestral


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Gianni Oddi - Dreamin' / A blue Shadow 1974


* Un ''Sleaze Track'' del escenario televisivo ''Ho Incontrato un'ombra'' por Berto Pisano el tema se encuentra incluída en el album ''3'' bajo el nombre de ''Oddi'',''A blue shadow'' es simplemente una balada instrumental(no Disco) que podrás escucharlo haciendo click en el titulo del tema..

Keyboards - Romolo Grano
Arranged - Gianni Oddi

Tracklist :

A     A Blue Shadow     

B     Dreamin'


Style : Funk/Soul,Stage & Screen,Theme,Instrumental