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* My precious blog dedicated only to the Disco music in instrumental and orchestral version with renowned arrangers and concert artists from the 70's and 80's, this is the essence,the base,the glamour and the wonderful symphony that lasts over time...

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

André Gagnon - Neiges 1975 Lp Complete


*  ''Wow'' un clásico muy rítmico utilizado en programas de television y radio realmente el único track con sonido disco de todo el álbum,si escuchás el tema ''Ta Samba'' tiene un estilo peculiar quizás sea una fusion de''Samba/Easy Listening'' pero usted podría pensar que también es disco....

Artwork [Graphic Conception] – Marcel Cadieux
Bass – Jean-Guy Chapados
Cello – Jean-Luc Morin, Kristina Melnyk, Michael Kilburn
Drums – Michel Fauteux
Electric Piano, Organ [Éminent] – Marcel Rousseau
Featuring – Jean Carignan, Le Choeur Des Étudiantes De L'École Normale De Musique, Renée Claude

Flute – Richard Beaudet
Guitar – Gilles Pinard, Richard Ring
Management – Luc Phaneuf
Percussion, Timbales – Robert Leroux
Photography By – Jean-Guy Thibodeau
Producer, Composed By, Arranged By, Directed By, Piano, Synthesizer, Electric Piano – André Gagnon
Producer, Engineer [Sound] – Pierre Tessier
Timbales – Jean-François Roch
Violin [Alto] – Charles Meinen, Lorraine Desmarais, Marc Bélanger, Sylvie Laville
Violin [First] – Adolfo Bornstein, Ireneusz Bogajewicz, Mauricio Fuks, Pierre Jean, Reynald L'Archevêque
Violin [Second] – Claude Hamel, Denise Sergent, Françine Bang, Mario Masella, Ronald Taddeo

Tracklist :

A1 L'Ouverture-Éclair
A2 Dédéthoven
A3 L'Inoubliable
A4 Ta Samba
A5 Petit Concerto Pour Carignan Et Orchestre
A6 Wow
B1 Flashback
B2 Chanson Pour Renée Claude
B3 Neiges


Style : Easy Listening,Disco,Funk/Soul,Jazz,Classical,Instrumental

Password :  gagnon___75


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Broadway Brass - Takes Guys And Dolls Disco 1976 Lp Complete



* A cortesy of my Friend ''Marty'',Vinyl Rip 320 Kbps 

 Arranged By, Conductor – Al Capps
 Composed By – Frank Loesser
 Cover [Album Cover Concept] – Snyder & Butler Advertising

 Engineer – Lenny Roberts
 Illustration – Jim Vincent

 Mixed By – Humberto Gatica
 Producer – Don Ovens, John Loesser

Tracklist :

A1         Guys And Dolls
A2         If I Were A Bell
A3         I've Never Been In Love Before
A4         Luck Be A Lady
B1         Sit Down, You're Rockin' The Boat
B2         The Oldest Established
B3         Fugue For Tinhorns
B4         A Bushal And A Peck 

B5         More I Cannot Wish You 

''I've never been in love before''

Style : Disco,funk/soul,Big Band,Orchestral

Password :  broad_brass76LP


Le Baron - Le Sifflet Du Baron / Piano Flute 1976



* ''Le Baron'' is a pseudo of ''Bernard Estardy'' (Subway) Musicians on this title are Pierre-alain Dahan (drums) Marc Chantereau (percussion) and Slim Pezin (guitars)'',''Piano Flute'' is not so Disco considered as ''Easy listening'' included in the album ''Bernard Estardy - Claviers Vol. 2''...

Thanks Patrick DJM Menu by information,did you have the pleasure of being friends of the great pioneers of always

     Producer – Roger Tokarz
    Written-By – Alan Feanch, Subway

Tracklist :

A Le Sifflet Du Baron

B Piano Flute

''Le sifflet du baron''

Style : Electronic Disco,funk/soul,Pop,Instrumental


Australian Sound - Sidney / Kanjaroo's Jump 1974



Written By Orlando Jimenez,Migule Totti
Produced by Tom McIntosh

Tracklist :

A Sidney

B Kangaroo's Jump


Style : Electronic Disco,funk/soul,psychedelic,Instrumental


Monday, April 27, 2015

Jose Marcello - Big Hits 2 1977 Lp Complete



*  A cortesy of our friend ''Harry Van Der Veen'' aka ''Lounge Legends Blog''

Arranged By – Dave Morgany
Design [Cover] – Gert Udo, Ton van Zwol
Orchestra – José Marcello Orchestra

Producer, Conductor – José Marcello

Tracklist :

A1         Smile
A2         Soul Cha Cha
A3         If You Leave Me Now
A4         Sunny
A5         Living Next Door To Alice
A6         Disco Carnaval
B1         Dancing Queen
B2         Under The Moon Of Love
B3         When I Need You
B4         Money Money Money
B5         The Dutch Clutch
B6         Daddy Cool

''Disco Carnival''

Style : Easy Listening,Disco,Funk/Soul,Pop,Big Band,Orchestral


Ray Conniff - Ray Conniff Plays The Bee Gees & Other Great Hits 1978 Lp Complete



 * My Vinyl Rip ''Mp3 320 Kbps''

    Arranged By – Ray Conniff
    Electric Piano, Soloist – Pete Jolly
    Engineer – Dick Bogert
    Executive-Producer – Jack Gold
    Producer – L. Russell Brown


A1a Emotion
A1b How Deep Is Your Love

A2 How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
A3 Save Me, Save Me

A4a Night Fever
A4b Staying Alive

B1 I Just Want To Be Your Everything
B2 Just The Way You Are
B3 You Light Up My Life

B4 Love Theme From "A Star Is Born"

''I just want to be your everything''

Style : Easy Listening,Disco,pop,orchestral


Friday, April 24, 2015

Daniel Grau - Special Disco Selections 1974 - 1981



*  Nombre real ''Daniel Grau Sosa'' compositor,arreglista,escritor y productor Venezolano de numerosos albunes con estilo/sonido Disco,activo desde 1974 hasta la actualidad,otra leyenda de la música electronica  Latinoamericana autor del oscuro hit ''El león Bailarín'' y ''Tren del espacio'' él es el ''Giorgio Moroder Venezolano'',pueden visitarlo a la siguiente pagina  : Facebook/Daniel_Grau

Arranged,Producer - Daniel Grau
Selected by Jorge Gago


1)    Delirio En Fa Menor (Original From Mas Alla de Las Estrellas 1976) 2)    Disco Fantasy (Disco Fantasy, 1979)
3)    Sonido Magico (Original from Disco Fantasy 1979)
4)    Combination (Por Que No Podemos Hacerlo?, 1981)
5)     Atlantis (Disco Fantasy, 1979)
6)    Tren Del Espacio (Original From El Sonido Magico De Daniel Grau 1978)

7)    Dejando Volar El Pensamiento (Dejando Volar El Pensamiento, 1974)

8)    Dulce Suave y Ligero (Original from El Sonido Magico de Daniel Grau 1978)

9)     El Leon Bailarin (El Leon Bailarin, 1980)
10)   Apartate (El Leon Bailarin , 1980)
11)   Robot Magico (El Sonido Magico De Daniel Grau, 1978)
12)   Skylab (Kryptonita Liquida, 1979)
13)   Corre Caminos (Original from El Leon Bailarin 1980)
14)   Disco Dance (Original from Kryptonita Liquida 1979)

''Dejando volar el pensamiento  1974''

''Dulce,Suave y Ligero  1978''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul,Instrumental

Password :  seleccionesgrau


Charingo And The Rainbow Orchestra - Savanna / Concerto D'aranjuez 1978



*  ''Savanna'' una de las canciones que más he buscado y esperado por un largo tiempo escuchála y sabrás el porque...''Concerto D'Aranjuez'' otro genial instrumental acompañada de una flauta al ritmo y nota de la clásica canción que todos conocemos.

Producer – Charles Orieux, Ingo Cramer

Tracklist  :

A Savanna

Written-By – Charles Orieux, Ingo Cramer

B Concerto D'Aranjuez

Written-By – Joaquim Rodrigo

''Savanna (My Video)''

Style : Electronic disco,Instrumental

Password : charing_78s 


Fausto Papetti - 25a Raccolta 1977 Lp Complete



* Fausto Papetti (January 28, 1923, Viggiù, Lombardy – June 15, 1999, Sanremo) was an Italian alto saxophone player, well known during the 1960s and 1970s,this is the first Post!

Arranged By – Reddy Bobbio
Artwork [Cover Design] – Umberto Lega
Engineer – Piero Bisleri
Photography By [Photocolor Inside] – David Hamilton


A1         Costa Rosada
A2         Moca
A3         Theme From The Deep
A4         Onix
A5         Moon Flower
A6         'A Canzuncella
B1         Once In A While
B2         Tomorrow
B3         Once There Was A Love
B4         Magic Fly
B5         Shelley
B6         Sassi

''Costa Rosada''

Style : Disco,funk/Soul,Easy listening,Instrumental


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Banzai - Chinese Kung Fu / Rythm Kung fu 1974



* A project of french ''Bernard Stardy'' and led by ''LEB Harmony''

Producer [Direction Artistique] – Gerard Louvin
Written-By – Subway

Tracklist :

A Chinese Kung Fu (Disco version)

B Rythm Kung Fu

''Rhythm Kung fu''

Style : Electronic Disco,funk/Soul,Orchestral

Password :  Banzaii1  


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

MFSB - Love Is The Message 1973 Lp Complete



*  Infaltable en el blog!,the second post...

Arranged - Bobby Martin,Jack Faith
Art Direction – Ed Lee
Cover, Illustration – Bart Forbes
Engineer [Engineering] – Joe Tarsia
Liner Notes – Dede Dabney
Photography By [Back Cover Photos] – Don Hunstein
Producer - Gamble Huff,Jack Faith,Bruce Hawes

Tracklist :

A1.a Zack's Fanfare
A1.b Love Is The Message

A2 Cheaper To Keep Her
A3 My One And Only Love
B1 TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) (Theme From The Television Show "Soul Train")

B2.a Zack's Fanfare
B2.b Touch Me In The Morning

B3 Bitter Sweet

''Love is the message''

Style : Disco,Funk/Soul,Instrumental/Orchestral


AJL & Band - Take me Dancing 1979 Lp Demo


* A very rare Lp and hard to find,''Classical salsa'' I met him in a session ''Disco magic by Dr rob'' on youtube... in my opinion not have nothing salsa just be able to listen instrumental dark ''disco funk'' accompanied for the sound of a singular flute ,this tracks is originally of 1976,''Cossack boogie'' is another piece that still can be felt in the same orchestration ''Classical salsa'' if you have this great lp, contact me or send me an email :

Arranged By – Ardo Guerzo, Jeremiah Star
Producer – AJL Band


A1         Cossack Boogie
A2         This Is No Horse
A3         Get Me To The Disco    
A4         Charlie Is My Darling    
A5         Assassination
B1         Take Me Dancing
B2         Classical Salsa
B3         Day Tripper    
B4         Charter Flight    
B5         Swingtown 

''Classical Salsa''

''Cossack Boogie''

Style : Disco,funk,soul,Instrumental,Orchestral


Oral Caress - Charlie's Angels (Disco Version) 1977 Maxi



* Conocí esta canción gracias a la pagina ''Disco Savvy'' pero con otro nombre ''Philip Roger Orchestra'' y en la pagina ''Disco Magic Dr Rob.'' como ''The Rogers Orchestra'',es la mejor version de ''Charlie's Angels'' que he escuchado en toda mi vida,es clásica y elegante,disco puro desde del primer minuto hasta el final,en mi opinión la duración total es 7 Minutos aprox. y que fué extendida hasta los 13 minutos,el ''Lado B'' contiene solo una ''balada soul'' muy diferente al ''Lado A''.

* Actualizado / Updated

Arranged By – Phillip Rogers
Mastered By – Phil Austin
Producer – Vivian Rogers


A Charlie's Angels (Disco Version)

Written-By – Ferguson, Elliot

B Why Can't Our Love Be Like It Was Before?

Written-By – Phillip Rogers

''Charlie's Angel's (My Video)''

Style : Disco,funk/soul,Instrumental/Orchestral


Barbados Climax - Barbados Climax 1978 Lp Complete



*  Un ábum poco común de escuchár ,tiene como instrumento principal la guitarra acústica dándole un poco más de estilo ''Flamenco''

Backing Vocals – Surfettes
Composed By, Written-By – Alan Taylor, Giudas
Engineer – Mike "Tee" Harris, Pott Hamilton
Executive Producer – Alan Taylor

Tracklist :

A1         California U.S.A.
A2         Making Love With You
A3         Samos
B1         Las Vegas Climax
B2         Open Up Your Eyes
B3         I'm Alive

''California U.S.A.''

Style : Electronic disco,Funk/Soul,Instrumental/Orchestral


Champ's Boys Orchestra - Land Of Make Believe / Tubular Bells 1976 Maxi



*  Un disco con clase conocido por todos los coleccionistas del género,''Land of make believe'' en version ''Disco'' manteniendo la estrucutura del estilo ''Jazz'' que grabó originalmente el trompetista ''Chuck Mangione'',''Tubular Bells'' existe un video de esta canción en ''Youtube'' gran ''Space Disco'' o ''Cosmic Disco'' acompañado de un meloso ''Guitar Bass'' considerado como todo un ''Obscure Disco'' del '76

* Una cortesía de ''Dj Yuri''

Arranged By, Conductor  – Hervé Roy
Producer – Patrick Bocéno

Tracklist : 

A Land Of Make Believe

Written-By – Chuck Mangione

B Tubular Bells (Tom Moulton mix)
        Tubular Bells (Original version)

Written-By – Mike Oldfield

''Land of make believe (My Video)''

Style : Disco,funk/soul,jazz,Space Age,Instrumental/Orchestral


King Zérand Orchestra - King Zérand 1978 Lp Demo


*  4 fantastic tracks extracted from rare album ''King Zérand'' recorded in 1977-1978 aprox.,if you have the album me to :

Written - Franco Zaulli,Mario Robbiani

Tracklist :  

A1 Night Song
A2 Jalousie
A3 Love And Love
A4 High Star
A5 Sun Flower

B1 Eternamente
B2 Blue Magnolia
B3 Candy Floss
B4 Could It Be Forever
B5 Vento Caldo
B6 Terra Bruciata

''Blue Magnolia''

''Night song''

''Love and love''

''Candy floss''

Style :  Easy Listening,disco,Funk/Soul,Jazz,Instrumental/Orchestral


The Soul Affair Orchestra - Soul Affair 1976 Lp Complete



*   Actualizado / Updated

Arranged By [Uncredited], Conductor [Uncredited] – Guy Delo
Design Concept, Design – Dave Field
Mastered By – Nick Webb
Photography By – Chris Parker
Producer – A. Vano


A1         Amor
A2         Begin The Beguine
A3         Only You
A4         Love Strut
B1         Certainly
B2         O Solo Mio
B3         Strangers In The Night
B4         Pepita
B5         Gonzo


Style : Disco,funk/soul,Instrumental/orchestral


Monday, April 20, 2015

Enrico Simonetti Orchestra - Titoli Di Testa (Grazie...Nonna OST) 1975


*   Extended version of the main theme 'Titoli di Testa'' from movie ''Lover Boy (Grazie....Nonna)'',for more information enter here :   Grazie...Nonna (OST)

*   A cortesy of my friend ''Carl''

Music by Enrico Simonetti
Mastering by Claudio Fuiano, 
Graphic layout by Alessio Iannuzzi

''Titoli Di Testa (Long version)''

Style : Easy Listening,Disco,Funk/Soul,Stage & Screen,Instrumental/Orchestral