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* Mi preciado blog dedicado solo a la música Disco en version instrumental y orquestal con reconocidos arreglistas y concertistas de los años 70's y 80's,esta es la escencia,la base,el glamour y la maravillosa sinfonía que perdúra en el tiempo....

* My precious blog dedicated only to the Disco music in instrumental and orchestral version with renowned arrangers and concert artists from the 70's and 80's, this is the essence,the base,the glamour and the wonderful symphony that lasts over time...

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cloud 9 - The Disco Strings Of Cloud 9 1972 Lp complete



* A cortesy of ''Harry Van Der Veen aka Lounge Legends''

Arranged and conducted by Harry Robinson
Produced by Bob Barnatt

Tracklist :

A1 Love Child
A2 Band Of Gold
A3 (You Don't Know) How Glad I Am
A4     Every Picture Tells A Story
A5 Dancing In The Street
A6 Reach Out I'll Be There
B1 The Resurrection
B2 Walk Away Renée
B3 When A Man Loves A Woman
B4 Nowhere To Run
B5 I Can't Help Myself
B6 River Deep, Mountain High

''Love Child''

Style : Funk/Soul,Easy listening,Instrumental/Orchestral


Gordon's War - Got to fan the flame (Instrumental) 1979


* Mellow Jazz Guitar,not is Disco but....really you can not ignore

Arranged By, Conductor,Producer – J.R. Bailey

''Got To Fan The Flame''

Written-By – Eddie Jones, J.R. Bailey

Style : Funk/soul,Smooth jazz,Instrumental


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Berry Lipman - Disco Dance 1978 Lp Complete


*  ''Berry Lipman'' aka Friedel Berlipp is a German composer, band leader and producer,born 11 January 1921 in Burgdorf, Germany. 

Produced,Arranged - Berry Lipman


1   Night Fever
2   Dance In The Daytime
3   How Deep Is Your Love
4   Let's Dance Together
5   Stayin' Alive
6   Amor, Amor
7   Get A Blow
8   You're The One That I Want
9   Bonita Carmecita
10 The House Of The Rising Sun
11 Beach Girl
12 Fiesta Mabella

''Let's dance together''

Style : Disco,funk/soul,Pop,Easy listening,Instrumental/Orchestral

Not for sale... for now

Friday, June 27, 2014

Otto De Rojas Y Su Orquesta - Superéxitos Bailables 1976 Lp Complete



* Procedente del país incaico ''Perú!'',''Otto de Rojas'' talentoso pianista peruano que incursionó en el sonido latin jazz,salsa y funk/soul a finales de los 60's hasta a mediadios de los 80's,la cancion ''Un comercial y regresamos'' se usó en el programa ''Trampolín a la fama'' del comediante y conductor Augusto Ferrando como cortina musical del mismo,al finalizar el programa ''Otto De Rojas'' quedó en el olvido y al pasar los años llegaría la triste noticia de su trágico suicídio en el 2008,para mas información podés ingresar al siguiente enlace : Fallecimiento de Otto de Rojas

Se lo recordará por siempre con dos canciones que popularizó en el Perú.... me refiero a ''Chocas las caderas'' y ''Al ritmo del Bump Bump'' y hermosa version en piano del clásico ''Soulful Strut''

    Arranged By – Otto De Rojas, Victor "Coco" Salazar
    Design – Eduardo Zavalaga
    Directed By – Otto De Rojas
    Photography By – Victor Becerra
    Producer – Marco A. Collazos

 Tracklist :

A1     Get Dancin (Ponte A Bailar)    
A2     Get Up And Boogie (Baila El Boogie)    
A3     Es Mi Vida(C'est ma vie)    
A4     Linda Bella Linda    
A5     Esto Sera    
A6     Al Ritmo Del Bump Bump    
B1     Tu Sexi(Your sexy thing)    
B2     El Apurado (The Hustle)    
B3     Nunca Puedo Decir Adios(Never can say goodbye)    
B4     El Tema De "Coco"    
B5     Un Comercial Y Regreso    
B6     That's The Way

''Al ritmo del Bump Bump(Soulfull Strut)''

Style : Latin,Disco,Funk/soul,Easy listening,Pop,Instrumental/Orchestral

Password : ottoderojas_ylos_ultras 


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Norman Harris - The Harris Machine 1980 Lp complete



*Norman Ray Harris ''Guitarist - songwriter - producer'',Born on 10/02/1938 and Died on 21/03/1987 of a heart attack in Philadelphia/Pennsylvania,cousin of Major Harris and Joseph Jefferson,one of the major architechts of the soul Philly sound.

     Arranged By – Bruce Hawes (tracks: A5), John R. Faith (tracks: A1, A3, B3), Norman Harris (tracks: A2, B1, B2), Ron Kersey (tracks: B5), Zach Zachery (tracks: A4, B4)
    Coordinator [A & R] – Jean Scott
    Coordinator [Album] – Barbara Bell
    Engineer – Carl Paruolo, Jay Mark, Jim Gallagher, Joseph Tarsia
    Engineer [Assistant] – Carla Bandini, Dick Devlin, Jim Dougherty, Michael Tarsia

    Photography By – Ronald G. Harris
    Producer – Kenneth Gamble, Leon Huff (tracks: B2), John R. Faith (tracks: A3, B3), Norman Harris (Track : B5), Zach Zachery (tracks: A4, B4)
    Producer [Assistant] – Caryle J. Blackwell

 Tracklist  :

A1     Just Don't Want To Be Lonely
A2     Dodge City, Hit City
A3     You Make Me Feel Brand New
A4     Zack's Fanfare '80
A5     Bright Eyes
B1     In Search Of Peace Of Mind
B2     Don't Leave Me This Way
B3     In Good Faith
B4     Skoo-Be-Dooby
B5     I Wish

''Dodge City,Hit city''''

Style : Disco,funk/soul,Orchestral

Password :   norman_h_80


Dusko Goykovich and Roland Kovac - Wunderhorn 1977 Lp Complete



*  Another amazing ''Jazz funk'' album with a little Disco touch in some tracks, Thanks to the blog :

 Tracklist :

A1     Autobahn - 24 Tracks    
A2     Wunderhorn    
A3     Antilope    
A4     Sabrina    
A5     Grand Hotel    
A6     Prevision    
B1     Super Baby    
B2     Rosalyn    
B3     Mistral    
B4     Pret-A-Porter    
B5     Bubi    
B6     Mexican Revolution

''Antilope (My Video)''

Style : Jazz,Funk/Soul,Easy listening,Stage & screen,Disco,Instrumental

Password :  dusko77


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vladimir Cosma - Banzaï (Bande Originale Du Film) 1983 Lp Demo



* 2 Disco tracks extracted fro ''Original soundtrack'' titled "Banzaï" a film of Claude Zidi.

    Composed By, Conductor – Vladimir Cosma
    Ney – Hmaoui Abdlhamid
    Synthesizer – Roland Romanelli
    Violin – Ouechni Med L'Arbi
    Zither [Kanoun] – Salah

 Tracklist :

A1     Banzaï "Rhapsodie"
A2     Rhapsodie In Bronx
A3     Sur La Route De Tunis
A4     Hong Kong By Night
A5     Chineese Mafia
A6     African Putsch
B1     Ben Zidi Melodie
B2     Les Sampans D'Aberdeen
B3     Hot Dog
B4     Hong Kong Flirt
B5     Kung Fu
B6     Le Monstre
B7     Banzaï -Finale

''Banzaï Rhapsodie''

Style : Disco,Funk/Soul,Theme,Stage & Screen,Instrumental/Orchestral

Intercity Sound Association - Phillysound 1976 Lp Complete



*  "City Train" was used as underlay music at the "Wunschfilm-Auswahl" in a german Sports TV Show "Pfiff - Das Jugendsportstudio" on ZDF TV-networks,''Alaska Flight'' is a great disco philly.... wondefull!!!!

 Music By Til Rin, Gerald Brown, Denis Faylon, Pete Panthrow,Hans Sturm

 Producer - Klaus Nagel


A1         City Train
A2         Alaska Flight
A3         Proud Horse
A4         Night Shift
A5         Skyline
A6         Morning Breeze
B1         Full House
B2         Star Shot
B3         Stone Path
B4         Flash Point
B5         Sun Ship
B6         Rush Hour

''Alaska Flight''

Style : Funk/soul,jazz,Disco,Easy listening,Space Age,Stage & screen,Instrumental

Password :  inter_c_a_76


Gato Barbieri ‎– Euphoria 1979 Lp complete



*  A darse el lujo de escuchár algo de Jazz Funk con un pequeñisimo toque disco en algunos tracks junto al Argentino ''Gato Barbieri''

    Co-producer – Michelle Barbieri
    Producer, Arranged By – Jay Chattaway
    Written-By – Gato Barbieri (tracks: A1,A2,A3,A4,B2)

  Tracklist :

A1     Theme From Firepower
A2     Sophia
A3     Carnavalito
A4     Lions Also Cry
B1     Gods And Astronauts (Errare Humanum Est)
B2     Secret Fiesta
B3     Speak Low


Style : Jazz,Funk/soul,Disco,latin,Instrumental

Password :  catbarbieri79


Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Mike Theodore Orchestra - High On Mad Mountain 1979 Lp Complete



* A cortesy of ''Harry Van Der Veen aka Lounge Legends'',thanks

Note : The album is produced in version mixed originally!  

    Arranged By, Producer – Mike Theodore
    Bass – Greg Coles
    Bassoon, Contrabassoon – Lyell Lindsey
    Drums – Jerry Jones, Lee Marcus
    Engineer – Mark Calice, Richard Becker, Steve Poulet
    Engineer [Mix, Assistant] – Jim Sessody
    Engineer [Mix] – Dennis Hetzendoffer    French Horn – Joe Buono, John Grose
    Guitar – Bruce Nazarian, Eddie Willis
    Keyboards – Eric Morgenson, Rudy Robinson
    Oboe – Donald Baker
    Percussion – Bongo Eddie, Emil Richards, Jerry Paul, Jack Ashford, Lorenzo Brown, Paulinho DeCosta, Bob Pangborn

    Photography By – Patrice Casanova
    Photography By [Photo Concept] – Hélène Guetary
    Soloist, Synthesizer [Moog] – Gary Schunk
    Strings – Alvin Score, Barbara Fickitt, Beatriz Staples, Bogos Mortchikian, David Ireland, Felix Resnick, Franklyn D'Antonio, Gordon Peterson, Gordon Staples, Hart Hollman, James Waring, John Thurman, Joseph Striplin, Linda Smith, Margaret Tundo, Mario DiFiore, Nathan Gordon, Philip Porbe, Richard Margitza, Winifred Mayes

    Trombone – Carl Raetz, George Troia, Leo Harrison, Mike Suter
    Trumpet – Gordon Stump, John Trudell, Maurice Davis
    Vocals – Al Weaver, Charles Clark Jr., Cleveland Horne, Colleen Beaton, Cornelius Brown Jr., Eryke McClinton, Judy Cochill, Roz Ryan, Sandra Jackson

    Woodwind, Flute, Piccolo Flute – Clement Barone, Ervin Monroe

 Tracklist :

A1     High On Mad Mountain
A2     Wonder Man
B1     Disco People
B2     Dragons Of Midnight

''High on mad mountain''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/soul,Orchestral


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hugo & Luigi Music Machine - Love Theme From "The Godfather" / Disco kiss 1977 Maxi



*  Hugo & Luigi were a record producing team, made up of songwriters and producers Luigi Creatore and Hugo Peretti, who shared an office in New York's Brill Building. Besides their working relationship, the two were cousins and now with ''Music Machine'' recorded this single inspired in ''Godfather theme'' in 1977.

    Arranged By – Juan Salazar
    Engineer – Steve Jerome
    Producer – Hugo & Luigi

 Tracklist :

A     Love Theme From "The Godfather"

Written-By – Nino Rota 

B     The Disco Kiss 
Written-By – George David Weiss, Hugo & Luigi

''Love theme from The Goodfather (Disco version)''

Style : Disco,funk/soul,Instrumental/Orchestral


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bebu Silvetti - El Mundo Sin Palabras(World whithout words) 1976 Lp complete



*  Quizás el mejor álbum del argentino Bebu Silvetti,incluye el track ''Spring Rain'' en su version original de 1975,''Summer rain'' y ''With you(Contigo) son realmente muy melódicos y suaves que hacen de este proyecto una gran belleza y arte musical del genero disco,Gracias Señor Silvetti que descanse en paz!

    Arranged By, Music By, Written-By – Silvetti
    Producer – Rafael Trabucchelli

 Tracklist :

A1     Travel Check    
A2     Lluvia De Verano(Summer rain) 
A3     Lluvia De Invierno(Winter Rain)    
A4     El Retrato De Silvia(Silvia's Picture)  
A5     Fin De Semana(Weekend)    
B1     Lluvia De Primavera(Spring Rain)   
B2     Día De Campo(A day in the country)   
B3     Lluvia De Otoño(Autumn rain)    
B4     Contigo(With you)

B5     Pasos en la nieve(Steps in the snow)   

''Spring Rain (Original Version)''

Style : Disco,funk/soul,Easy Listening,Instrumental/Orchestral

Password : mundo_sin_words 


Monday, June 16, 2014

The Mike Theodore Orchestra - Cosmic Wind 1977 Lp complete



The album is totally instrumental with a few chorus made ​​exclusively for competitive dances Clubs ,to not say too that was a commercial success in late 1977,''The Bull'' is from ''Cosmic Wind''....The Mike Theodore Orchestra's debut LP. It was used as the entry music for an NFL player of the time, also nicknamed The Bull, and would play whenever he ran onto the field, the vocals were sung by a local belly dancer the guys in the band had met at the Playboy Club whilst on a night out shortly before recording.

    Art Direction – Bob Defrin
    Backing Vocals – Amira Amir, Charles Clark Jr., Constance Durden, Curtis Durden, Cynthia Douglas, Donna Davis, Joni Tolbert, Pamela Vincent

    Bass – Eddie Watkins
    Bassoon, Contrabassoon – Lyell Lindsey
    Cello – John Thurman, Mario DiFiore
    Design – Lynn Breslin
    Drums – Lee Marcus, Uriel Jones
    Engineer – Richard Becker
    Engineer [Mix] – Arthur Stoppe
    Flute, Piccolo Flute – Ervin Monroe
    Guitar – Bruce Nazarian
    Illustration – David Palladini
    Keyboards – Gary Schunk
    Mastered By – TM/JR
    Mixed By – Tom Moulton
    Oboe – Ron Odemark
    Percussion – Amira Amir, Armen Boladian, Barbara Huby, Lorenzo Brown, Ray Hogan

    Producer, Arranged By – Mike Theodore
    Saxophone, Flute, Soloist – Chuck Feger
    Trombone – Carl Raetz, George Troia, Stewart Saunders
    Trumpet – Ed Nucelli, John Trudell, Maurice Davis
    Vibraphone, Marimba – Jack Brokensha, Robert Pangborn, Rod Rose
    Viola – David Ireland, Lee Fenstermacher
    Violin – Alvin Score, Beatriz Staples, Ed Kesner, Gordon Staples, James Waring, Joseph Striplin, Lillian Fenstermacher, Margaret Tundo, Paul Phillips, Richard Margitza

    Written-By – Dennis Coffey (tracks: B4), Mike Theodore

 Tracklist :

A1     Belly Boogie
A2     The Bull
A3     Cosmic Wind
B1     Moon Trek
B2     Ain't Nothing To It
B3     Brazilian Lullaby
B4     I Love The Way You Move

''The Bull''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/soul,Instrumental/Orchestral


Various - Musica con todo 1978 Lp Demo



*  3 canciones del estilo ''Disco Instrumental'' interpretadas por el Argentino ''Alain Debray'' conocido también como ''Horacio Malvicino'' extraídas del compilado ''Musica con todo'' de 1978 

Produced,Arranged - Alain Debray


1)    Los Iracundos - Pasión Y Vida
2)    Boney M. - Rivers Of Babylon 
3)    Mousy and The Lion Club - Cantando Bajo La Lluvia (Vocal Disco)
4)    Alain Debray y orquesta - Bull Disco 
5)    Ricardo Cocciante - Cuerpo Sin Alma 
6)    Camilo Sesto - Miénteme 
7)    Alain Debray y orquesta - Siga Con Todo 
8)    Bonnie Tyler - It's a Heartache 
9)    Quique Villanueva - No Llores Niña Mía 
10)  Claudio Baglioni - Sábado A La Tarde 
11)  Alain Debray y orquesta - Flamendisco 
12)  Lod Moros - Quiero Ser De Ti, Amor 
13)  Los Amaya - Vete 
14)  Alan Debray y orquesta - Con Todo Lo Que Queres (Not Disco)

''Bull Disco''

Style : Pop,Ballad,Latin,Disco,funk/soul,Instrumental/Orchestral

Not for sale...for now

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Stelvio Cipriani - Enfantasme / Papaya Dei Caraibi / Sono Stato Un Agente CIA 1978 Lp Demo



* 2 Disco tracks extraídas del álbum ''Enfantasme aka L'enfant de nuit'' una pelicula dirigida por Sergio Gobbi en 1978,escuchá bien las canciones y entenderás el estilo inconfundible del gran ''Stelvio Cipriani''

    Composed By, Orchestrated By – Stelvio Cipriani
    Engineer [Sound Engineer] – Enrico De Gemini
    Layout [Graphic Layout] – Daniele De Gemini
    Liner Notes – David Gaumann
    Producer – Franco De Gemini



A1 Enfantasme Title
A2 Painful Memories
A3 Nino
A4 Mountain Cottage
A5 Enfantasme Three
A6 Enfantasme Four
A7 Concluding

Papaya Dei Caraibi

B1 Papaya Island
B2 Papaya Dream
B3 Papaya Dream
B4 Papaya Song

Sono Stato Un Agente CIA

B5 Relax
B6 Relax
B7 Un Uomo Programmato
B8 Agente CIA

''Enfantasme Four(Disco version)

''Style : Disco,funk/soul,theme,Stage & Screen,Instrumental,Orchestral


Friday, June 13, 2014

Tony Hatch - With Love Sounds 1975 Lp Complete



*   ''Anthony Peter Hatch'' British composer, songwriter, pianist, producer, and arranger, born 30 June 1939 in Pinner, Middlesex.

Married to Jackie Trent. Him and his wife also started the music publishing company M & M Music
Inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2013.

This is one the best albums that I've heard at all my journey in the world of the Disco!

* A cortesy of my friend ''Harry Van Der Veen'',Thanks master!!

    Arranged By, Producer – Tony Hatch
    Bass – Mike Thorn
    Drums – Bob Wackett
    Engineer – Ray Prickett, Terry Evennett
    Guitar – Rick Morcambe
    Leader – Pat Halling
    Percussion – Johnny Dean
    Vocals – Dee Dee Lewis, Jackie Trent

 Tracklist :

A1     What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life    
A2     Love In The Morning Sun    
A3     Sad Sweet Dreamer    
A4     Tornado (From The Wiz)    
A5     Sounds Of Love    
A6     Love Hustle    
B1     I've Got You Under My Skin    
B2     Perfidia    
B3     Return To The Stars    
B4     Midnight Blue    
B5     Ebb Tide    
B6     Brazilia  

''Love in the morning sun (My Video)''

Style : Disco,Funk/soul,Instrumental/Orchestral


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Oscar Prudente - Stadium (Instrumental) 1977

* Especialmente para la copia mundial 2014,rara cancion del Italiano ''Oscar Prudente'',un rítmico y divertido track un poco similar a la cancion de Aragorn Ballroom Orchestra y su ''Helm's Deep'' del '78,el single nos muestra que la cancion es de la cortina musical del programa de futbol ''Domenica Sprint'',Lado B? Solo una balada innecesaria en el blog...

Arranged By – Oscar Prudente
Producer – Arturo Zitelli, Gianni Daldello
Written-By – Nino Petrone, Oscar Prudente 


Style : Electronic Disco,funk/Soul,Instrumental


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2005 Stars Group - Spatial Disco 2005 1978 Lp complete



 *  No data from Producer

Tracklist/Credits :

A1     – 2005 Stars Group     Star Wars 
''Written-By – John Williams''

A2     – Bernard Fevre  -   Fantasm    
A3     – Bernard Fevre  -   News From Future    
A4     – Bernard Fevre  -   Space Team    
A5     – 2005 Stars Group   -  Rollerball Action  

''Written-By – Jose B. Falda''

A6     – 2005 Stars Group  -   Rocket Man        

''Written-By – Elton John, Bernie Taupin''

B1     – 2005 Stars Group  -   Telstar                 
''Written-By – Joe Meek''

B2     – Bernard Fevre  -   Central Way    
B3     – Bernard Fevre  -   Satellite 33    
B4     – 2005 Stars Group  -   From Here To Eternity  

''Written-By – Girogio Moroder, Pete Bellotte''

B5     – Eddie Warner     Drug   - 
 ''Written-By – Eddie Warner''

B6     – 2005 Stars Group     Space Oddity  
''Written-By – David Bowie''

''2005 Stars Group - Stars Wars Theme''

Style : Electronic Disco,Experimental,Instrumental

Password : spatial_2005group