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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Reddy Bobbio 3 Dimensional Keyboards - Only You 1980 Complete Lp


Tracklist :

A1   La Canzone Del Boscaiolo
A2   Mona Lisa
A3   Munastero 'E Santa Chiara
A4   Waiting For You
A5   Preludio In Si Minore

B1   Only You
B2   Polvere Di Stelle (Stardust)
B3   Cielito Lindo
B4   E Se Domani
B5   Bordo Ring (Sigla Della Trasmissione Televisiva "Bordo Ring")

Arranged By, Conductor, Organ [Hammond B 3000], Synthesizer [Korg E.s.50] – Reddy Bobbio
Bass – Loris Ceroni
Chorus – Julie Scott, Raffaella Esposito, Vanda Radicchi
Drums – Andy
Engineer [Sound] – Enzo Maffione
Guitar, Flute – Gianni Bobbio
Percussion – Walter Scebran
Piano, Synthesizer [Roland System 700, Roland J.p.4, Roland Microcomposer Mc8, Digital Sequencer], Computer [Sound Programmed] – G. G. Tonet
Tenor Saxophone – Gianfranco Tommasi, Gianni Bedori
Trumpet – Angelo Faglia, Gustavo Bregoli

Style : Electronic Disco,Jazz,funk/soul,pop,Stage & Screen,Orchestral

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