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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Waltz For Paul Mauriat 2017

USA-FRANCE : International tribute-CD to French Maestro Paul Mauriat

Grand Orchestra of Jean Jacques Justafre (France) had its second birth in America thanks to the efforts of USA producers Alexander Goldstein and Boris Lontsikh. The producers reached out to Grand Orchestra of Jean Jacques Justafre (GOJJJ) leader, one of the last conductors of the legendary Grand Orchestra de Paul Mauriat. GOJJJ is welcome in many countries primarily for its efforts to preserve the style, and most importantly, the sound of Paul Mauriat’s orchestra.

The producers gave GOJJJ a very different challenge. They carefully selected music material and style for the new arrangements, so that on the one hand, it would be recognizable to a wide circle of music fans, and on the other, introduce a new big symphonic orchestra sound of the 21st century. Arrangements for GOJJJ were written by Gilles Arcens (France). The vocalise parts sought new talent with an enticing voice. The producers turned to Russian soprano, Victoria, whose broad artistic range is ideal for classical, folk and contemporary repertoire.

GOJJJ was recorded at the renowned Grand Armee studio in Paris, where Victoria joined them as well. Following orchestra recording, the producers made a decision to further escalate the new sound by adding additional arrangements for drums & percussions group. Those were written by Mikhail Bourmistrov (USA) and Alexander Goldstein (USA) and recorded in NYC. Final mixing was done in Florida, USA. “Clean” symphonic versions were so unlike their drums & percussions counterparts, that the producers decided to include them as bonus tracks.

As a result, GOJJJ stopped being purely the carrier of Grand Orchesre de Paul Mauriat traditional sound, and acquired its own style and sound. The 15 tracks of the new CD include new arrangements of classics, folk, rock and film music. «Waltz For Paul Maurat,» written by Alexander Goldstein, lent its name to the entire disc.

Packaged in the six-panel Digipac, the CD is now available at, and Retail price $29.99. Also contact the publisher for special conditions.


Jean-Jacques Justafre Grand Orchestre featuring Victoria

Label: 090222999565
Format: CD, stereo, deluxe edition, limited edition
Box: digipack
Counntry of relese: USA
Date of relese: 09/05/2017
Genre: Classical, Easy Listening, Lounge
Style: Romantic

Tracklist :

1. Waltz For Paul Mauriat (Alexander Goldstein)
2. The Show Must Go On [Deluxe Version] (Brian May)
3. A Jewish Suite (Traditional)
4. A Life Of Love (Georges Garvarentz)
5. Gypsy Farandole (Traditional)
6. Dance Of The Blessed Spirits (Christoph Willibald Gluck)
7. Dance Macabre [Deluxe Version] (Charles Camille Saint-Saëns)
8. Poco Allegretto (Johannes Brahms)
9. Hava Nagila [Deluxe Version] (Traditional)
10. Train To Paris (Andrey Knyshev)
bonus tracks:
11. Waltz For Paul Mauriat [Symphonic Version] (Alexander Goldstein)
12. A Life Of Love [Symphonic Version] (Georges Garvarentz)
13. Gypsy Farandole [Symphonic Version] (Traditional)
14. Poco Allegretto [Symphonic Version] (Johannes Brahms)
15. Dance Of The Blessed Spirits [Symphonic Version] (Christoph Willibald Gluck)

Produced by Alexander Goldstein and Boris Lontsikh
Conducted by Jean-Jacques Justafré
Vocal by Victoria
Arranged by Gilles Arens
Additional arrangements by Alexander Goldstein and Mikhail Bourmistrov
Recorded at Studio Grande Armée, Paris (France)
Recording engineer: Ludovick Tartarel
Mixing at Trilogy Recording Studios, Florida (USA)
Mixing engineer: Doug Tracy
Additional mixing at ABG World studio, Naples, Florida (USA)
Mixing engineer: Alexander Goldstein
Mastering by Alexander Goldstein
Graphic Design: Sergey Gubin


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