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* My precious blog dedicated only to the Disco music in instrumental and orchestral version with renowned arrangers and concert artists from the 70's and 80's, this is the essence,the base,the glamour and the wonderful symphony that lasts over time...

Saturday, March 26, 2016

MFSB - Mysteries Of The World 1980 Complete Lp



* Con esta publicación cerramos la lista de albunes de ''MFSB''.

Produced For – Gamble-Huff Productions
Art Direction – Ed Lee
Engineer – Art Stoppe, Dirk Devlin, Jeffrey Stewart, Jim Gallagher
Executive-Producer – Dexter Wansel, John R. Faith
Guitar – James Herb Smith
Illustration – Bob Giusti
Technician – Bruce Bluestein, Mike Spritz

Tracklist :

A1    Manhattan Skyline
A2    Mysteries Of The World
A3    Tell Me Why
A4    Metamorphosis

B1    Fortune Teller
B2    Old San Juan
B3    Thank You Miss Scott
B4    In The Shadow

''Mysteries Of The World''

Style : Disco,Funk,Soul,Jazz,Orchestral


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