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* My precious blog dedicated only to the Disco music in instrumental and orchestral version with renowned arrangers and concert artists from the 70's and 80's, this is the essence,the base,the glamour and the wonderful symphony that lasts over time...

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Kenny Bird Orchestra / Lado's Latin Combination - Volume 1,2,3,4,



*   4 albums full of musical options perfect for commercial music and intros sessions....all found in the most hidden places of the web!

Tracklist Vol. 1

A1 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Frisco Disco
A2 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Spanish Sun
A3 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Voo-Doo-Rock
A4 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Headlines
A5 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Shuffle Time
A6 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Hot Cake
A7 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Soul Statement
B1 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Las Palmas
B2 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Sunny Valley
B3 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Promesas
B4 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Maraschino
B5 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Aqua Clara
B6 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Shadows
B7 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Mexican Bird

Tracklist Vol. 2

A1 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Don Fernando
A2 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Mambucaba
A3 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Flat Feet
A4 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Phonic Party
A5 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Funny Games
A6 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Blackout
A7 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Birdchaser
B1 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Vina Del Mar
B2 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Happy Joker
B3 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Lagrimas Esperadas
B4 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Chaco Forever
B5 –Lado's Latin Combination  - La Madrugada
B6 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Las Canadas
B7 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Santa Louisa

Tracklist Vol. 3

A1 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Nobody Is Perfect
A2 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Walk The Round
A3 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Crazy People
A4 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Sloppy Jo
A5 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Mexican Flight
A6 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Duck Dance
A7 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Sweep Up
B1 –Lado's Latin Combination - Canario
B2 –Lado's Latin Combination - Pages
B3 –Lado's Latin Combination - All Of My Days
B4 –Lado's Latin Combination - Dedication
B5 –Lado's Latin Combination - Saaramba
B6 –Lado's Latin Combination - Chucito
B7 –Lado's Latin Combination - Pisco Sour

Tracklist Vol. 4

A1 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Sky Scraper
A2 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Frank's Movin'
A3 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Caribean Party
A4 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Cirrus
A5 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Open Air
A6 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Da Nada
A7 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Show Me That Funky Stuff
B1 –Lados Latin Combination - Little Baby's Got The Blues
B2 –Lados Latin Combination - Up Tight
B3 –Lados Latin Combination - Country Clouds
B4 –Lados Latin Combination - Sunrise
B5 –Lados Latin Combination - Lovers Melody
B6 –Lados Latin Combination - Mosca Española
B7 –Lados Latin Combination - Midsummer "Theme"

''Lado's Latin Combination - Chaco Forever''

Style : Funk/Soul,Disco,Easy listening,Jazz,Instrumental/Orchestral

Password :   lados_combination4lp

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