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* Mi preciado blog dedicado solo a la música Disco en version instrumental y orquestal con reconocidos arreglistas y concertistas de los años 70's y 80's,esta es la escencia,la base,el glamour y la maravillosa sinfonía que perdúra en el tiempo....

* My precious blog dedicated only to the Disco music in instrumental and orchestral version with renowned arrangers and concert artists from the 70's and 80's, this is the essence,the base,the glamour and the wonderful symphony that lasts over time...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wing And A Prayer Fife And Drum Corps. - Babyface Strikes Back 1977 Lp Complete



*  A cortesy of my friend ''Harry Van Der Veen aka Lounge Legends''

    Arranged By – David Horowitz
    Bass – Anthony Jackson, Bob Babbitt
    Cello – Jesse Levy, Seymour Barab
    Concertmaster – Gene Orloff, Paul Gersham
    Conductor – David Horowitz
    Double Bass – Russ Sanakus
    Drums – Andrew Smith, Roy Markowitz
    Engineer [Mastering] – John Vogel
    French Horn – Brooks Tillotson, John Clark
    Guitar – Cliff Morris, Jeff Mironov, Jerry Friedman, Keith Loving, Richard Resnicoff

    Harp – Margaret Ross
    Horns [Oboe, Flute, Piccolo, English Horn] – George Marge
    Horns [Saxophones, Reeds-piccolo, Flutes, Clarinet] – Gerald Nielwood, Lew Delgatto, Louis

    Keyboards – David Horowitz, Pat Rebillot
    Percussion – Susan Evans
    Producer – Stephen Y. Scheaffer
    Trombone – Barry Rogers, David Taylor, Tom Malone
    Trumpet – Alan Rubin, Jon Faddis, Randy Brecker
    Viola – Al Brown, Lamar Alsop, Richard Maximoff
    Violin – Emmanuel Green, Gene Orloff, Guy Lumia, Harold Kohon, Harry Lookofsky, Lou Eley, Mathew Raimondi, Paul Gersham, Richard Sortomme, Sanford Allen

    Vocals – Arlene Martell, Linda November, Vivian Cherry

Tracklist :

A1 I'm Popeye The Sailor Man

A2 Hernando's Hideaway

A3 On The Good Ship Lollipop 

Disco Disney (Medley)
A4 Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

A5 Whistle While You Work

A6 Heigh-Ho,Heigh-Ho

A7 A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A8 When You Wish Upon A Star

B1 Yes! We Have No Bananas

B2 Rhapsody In Blue

''Rhapsody in Blue(edit)''

Style : Disco,funk/soul,Classical,Instrumental/Orchestral



  1. This is wonderful, wacky, and really fun! Thanks.

  2. Muchas Gracias Funny & Nice......;°)