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* Mi preciado blog dedicado solo a la música Disco en version instrumental y orquestal con reconocidos arreglistas y concertistas de los años 70's y 80's,esta es la escencia,la base,el glamour y la maravillosa sinfonía que perdúra en el tiempo....

* My precious blog dedicated only to the Disco music in instrumental and orchestral version with renowned arrangers and concert artists from the 70's and 80's, this is the essence,the base,the glamour and the wonderful symphony that lasts over time...

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Charlie Calello Orchestra - Sing, Sing, Sing 1979 Lp Complete



* Who do not know this album with a mixture ''disco'' and ''big band'' can not be missing on the blog and on your knowledge,it is the only album of Disco music which he recorded ''Charlie Calello'' in 1979,not counting  with single of the 1976 that and be published in the blog later.

* This is the first contribution of ''Harry Van Der Veen'' creator of the blog ''Lounge Legends'' to begin...since years on your blog I found and downloaded good music orchestral and instrumental of the style Easy listening/Jazz/Big Band/Smooth/Disco.

Arranged - Charlie Calello
Vocals - Cissy Houston, Alfonso Thornton, Jocelyn Brown, Luther Vandross(Some tracks)

Producer - Denny Randell

Tracklist :

A1     Moonlight Serenade
A2     Sing, Sing, Sing
A3     Temptation
B1     Stardust
B2     In The Mood
B3     Opus One
B4     Skyliner


Style : Disco,Funk/Soul,big band,Instrumental/Orchestral



  1. one of my Favorites, got to know this LP from the past glamoures shows of "Dr.Rob's DiscoMagic".
    hey, does anyone know what Dr. Rob is doing now ?? any current Radio-Shows ? or new activities around in Web ?

  2. Hi Marti, I contacted with DrRob via email and this is the message that you would want to know :

    Message 1 :

    Thank you for your interest, Jorge.

    It is my voice and my music collection. Each week for 10 years, I performed the radio show live and also collected a huge volume of music during that time. I designed, produced, engineered, and wrote all the material for the radio show, and also designed and wrote all the material for the website.

    Any other questions? :-)

    Message 2 :

    Hello, Jorge.

    Thank you for your compliments.

    I do still have my large collection, and it is growing even more. I was never in the music industry and so I had no insider's viewpoint on the history of the music. I put together all the history, information, and credits from studying the many albums and listening to the recordings. It became very easy for me to determine which background singers, which producers and arrangers, which city orchestras and conductors, even which concertmasters, and then which recording studios and engineers, and then which mixing engineers were involved in the production.

    Although I have been busy with my medical research since stopping the radio show, I am planning a project that will bring my radio show back to live radio and Internet soon.

    I am not sure at this point how much time I can devote to helping, but I would like to help where I can.

  3. Many Thanks Jorge, very interesting what Dr.Rob wrote. So maybe he will start a new Show in the next future... would be great :-)