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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pearly Queen - Disco? 1976 Complete Lp



*  Una cortesía de  ''Dany D.''

Tracklist :

A1 More

A2 Jungle Walk
A3 Understanding

B1   To Be With You
B2 Young & In Love
B3 Calabaza, Calabaza
B4 Adoro

Directed By [Music Director] – Tany Gil
Engineer – Carlos Granados Jr., Mariano Rodriguez, Randy Bird
Mastered By – Aldo Vasquez
Producer – Luis Carlos Endara Jr.

Style : Latin Disco,Funk/Soul,Instrumental/Orchestral

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  1. hi jorge , i smile because it's not vynil ripp !!! it's my old recorded from deezer and i sending to plixid com on soulseek hihihi i testing your link it's same !! hihihi for your info

  2. Ok, could do the same but... not figure in Deezer or Spotify?...this file sent me dany d. Blog -,i have no idea from where it took!,i just published what it they have sent me,if you want buy :