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* Un blog dedicado a la música Disco instrumental y Orquestal con reconocidos arreglistas y concertistas de los años 70's y 80's,esta es la esencia,la base,la clásica elegancia que perdura en el tiempo....

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Myron Floren - Disco Polka 1977 Complete Lp



* El maestro del acordeón Myron Floren interpretando algunas populares polkas en versión DISCO.

Tracklist :

A1 Clarinet Disco-Polka

Medley :

A2a How High The Moon
A2b The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise

A3 The Double Eagle Disco-Polka

Medley :

A4a Love Is Blue
A4b Lover's Concerto

B1 Beer Barrel Polka

Medley :

B2a I Want A Girl (Just Like The Girl That Married Dear Old Dad)
B2b Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie

B3 Paloma Blanca
B4 The Cotton-Eyed Joe Disco-Polka
B5 Laughing Polka Disco-Style

Arranged By – Don Tweedy (tracks: A1, A3, B4, B5), Gary S. Paxton (tracks: A1, A3, B4, B5), Myron Floren (tracks: A1, A3, B4, B5)
Art Direction – Charles Hooper
Cover [Photograph] – Harry Langdon Photography
Liner Notes – Dick Heard
Music By, Backing Vocals – The Sound Stage Superpickers
Producer – Don Tweedy (tracks: B1), Gary S. Paxton (tracks: A1 to A4, B2 to B5), Myron Floren (tracks: B1)

Style : Disco,Funk/Soul,Easy listening,Folk World & Country,Instrumental/Orchestral

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Westside Strutters - Gershwin '79 1979 Complete Lp


Tracklist :

Medley :

A1.  1 The Man I Love
A1.  2 Embraceable You

A2 Rhapsody In Blue

Medley :

B1.  1 I Got Rhythm
B1.  2 Fascinating Rhythm

B2   Strike Up The Band

Arranged By [Horn Arrangement] – David Luell
Arranged By [String Arrangement] – Roy Phillippe
Arranged By [Vocal Arrangement] – Dick Williams
Art Direction – Gribbitt!, Henry Vizcarra
Artwork By [Illustration] – Ed Scarsbrick
Co-producer [Additional Production], Mixed By – Joe Long
Concept By [Album Concept] – Russ Regan
Coordinator [Vocal] – Marilyn Jackson
Engineer [Assistant] – Sheridan Eldridge
Engineer [Recording] – Thoman "Tubby" LaTonore
Musician, Bass – Erik Scott (tracks: A1.1), Jimmy Williams
Musician, Guitar – Randy Mitchell
Musician, Keyboards – Duane Hitchings
Musician, Vocals – Billy Bensing
Producer, Musician, Drums – Ross Salomone
Recorded By [New York Recording: Production Assistants] – Steven Hines
Recorded By [New York Recording: Production Assistants], Mixed By [Midnight Mix] – Richie Rivera
Written - George & Ira Gershwin

Style : Disco,Funk/Soul,Classical,Orchestral

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Stanley Black - Digital Magic (Digital Spectacular!) 1979 Complete Lp


*  Registro que fue liberado al mercado con 2 títulos diferentes ''Digital Magic'' y ''Digital Spectacular!'' ambos lp's contienen los mismos tracks.

Tracklist :

A1    Chiquitita
A2    California Suite
A3    Theme From Bilitis
A4    Tomorrow
A5    Just When I Needed You The Most

B1    Rise
B2    Here's That Rainy Day
B3    Cavatina
B4    The Way We Were
B5    I Will Survive

Arranged By – Hennie Bekker (tracks: A1, A3 to B3, B5), Stanley Black (tracks: A2, B4)
Conductor – Hennie Bekker
Engineer [Assistant] – Roy Ponton
Engineer [Recording] – Arthur Bannister, Derek Varnals
Photography By [Cover] – Pictor International
Producer – Emil Zoghby
Technician [Digital] – Roy Hankinson, Tony Griffiths

Style : Easy Listening,Disco,Funk/Soul,Pop,Instrumental

Password : 

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Stanley Black - Black Magic 1976 Complete Lp



* Una generosidad de ''Harry Van Der Veen''.

Tracklist  :

A1 Theme From 'Shaft'
A2 Feelings
A3 Our Day Will Come
A4 Wave
A5 All It Takes Is Two (Like Me And You)

B1 The Hustle
B2   Aranjuez, Mon Amour
B3 Berimbau
B4   Love In The Rain
B5   Volare

Art Direction, Design – Richard Roth
Coordinator [Art] – Lucy Kleps
Directed By [Recording] – Ray Few
Engineer – Arthur Bannister
Engineer [Assistant] – Pat Collier
Executive-Producer – Tony D'Amato
Other [Clothes] – Kamali
Other [Makeup] – Joey Mills
Other [Stylist] – Roberta Roth
Photography By – John Galluzzi

Style : Easy Listening,Disco,Funk/Soul,Jazz,Instrumental

Password : ludovico

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Lafayette Street - Chariot (I Will Follow Him) / Colorado Creek / Can you dig it 1976 Single



*  Los 3 únicos temas que se conoce hasta ahora de esta desconocida orquesta,lamentablemente no tengo la versión larga del track ''Chariot (I will follow him) de una duración de 5 minutos,si alguién lo tiene...solo contácteme a :

Tracklist :

1) Chariot (I Will Follow Him)
Written-By – Del Roma, J. W. Stole

2)  Colorado Creek
Written-By – Frank Briston, Malcolm Albee

3)  Can You Dig It
Written-By – M. Goldberg

Producer - France Etoile

Style : Disco,Funk/Soul,Instrumental/Orchestral

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Richie Rome Orchestra - Deep 1980 Complete Lp



*  ''Deep'' y ''Busy Body'' son los tracks más interesantes de este único lp del maestro ''Richard V. Di Cicco'' conocido internacionalmente como ''Richie Rome'',si alguien tiene el Lp y desea colaborar solo enviame un mensaje a :


A1 Deep
A2 Silently Yours
A3 Claire De Lune

B1   Remember Me
B2 Busy Body
B3 My Wish For You

Art Direction – Ron Coro
Artwork [Front Cover Collage] – Lou Beach
Backing Vocals – Barbara Ingram, Carla Benson, Evette Benton
Bass – Vinnie Fay
Contractor [Strings & Horns], Concertmaster – Don Renaldo
Coordinator – Gerson Rosenbloom
Design – Kathy Morphesis
Drums – Grant McAvoy
Engineer [Assistant] – Al Alberts, Clark Molioti, Frank Bernardini, Gary Scarpello, Jerry Williamson, Mike Bonghi, Ronnie Vitola
Guitar – Ronnie James
Mastered By – Jack Skinner
Photography By – Chris Callis
Producer, Arranged By, Conductor, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Vocoder [Vocals] – Richie Rome
Recorded By, Mixed By – Gene Leone

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul,Downtempo,Orchestral

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Manolo Gas & The Tinto Band Bang - A Todo Gas 1976 Complete Lp



*  Otro registro musical más del recordado ''Manuel Gas'' que presentamos en el blog,esta vez interpretando junto a su orquesta ''The Tinto Bang Band'' 12 temas en versiones disco inspirados en los grandes éxitos latinos de los años 40's,50's,60's y 70's que traspasó fronteras,vinyl rip por ''Toysme''.


A1     Quizas, Quizas, Quizas
A2     Shoo Shoo Train
A3     El Amor Es Algo Maravilloso
A4     Oh, Jerusalem
A5     Me Lo Dijo Adela
A6     Spain 

B1     Toreador
B2     Que Será
B3     Volare
B4     Chacal
B5     Luna India
B6     Patética 

Alto Saxophone – A. Marti
Arranged By, Music Director, Producer – Manuel Gas
Bass Guitar – E. Gracia
Brass [Metales] – A. Fornés, J. L. Medrano, J. Cano
Congas – J. Ganoza "Ebano"
Drums [2ª Batería] – E. Duarte
Drums [Batería] – J. Sánchez
Electric Guitar – C. Villa
Electric Guitar [Wa-Wa] – M. Carretero
Engineer – J. Díaz Auñón
Soprano Saxophone – M. Morales
Synthesizer, Electric Piano, Keyboards [ARP] – Manuel Gas
Technician [Ayudantes de Sonido] – Gonzalo de Castro, J. Torrano
Tenor Saxophone – P. Iturralde
Trombone – J. Kashian, J. Vidaurreta
Trumpet [Barroca] – J. Cano

Style : Disco,funk/soul,latin,Instrumental/Orchestral

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bert Kaempfert - Smile 1979 Complete Lp



* Una cortesía que viene directo del repertorio del maestro ''Harry Van Der Veen''.

Tracklist :

A1 Raining In My Heart
A2 Chanson D'amour
A3 Just You, Just Me
A4 What Kind Of Fool Am I?
A5 Frisco Disco

B1 Rosalie
B2 I Cried For You
B3 I'll Be Seeing You
B4 Smile
B5 Keep On Dancing

Flute, Saxophone – Herb Geller
Producer – Milt Gabler
Saxophone [Baritone] – James Towsey
Saxophone [Tenor] – Ferdinand Povel
Trombone – Jiggs Whigham
Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Ack van Rooyen

Style : Easy Listening,Disco,Funk/Soul,Jazz,Instrumental/Orchestral

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Kenny Bird Orchestra / Lado's Latin Combination - Volume 1,2,3,4 Complete Lp's



*   4 registros de Kenny Bird Orchestra y Lado's Latin Combination,

Tracklist Vol. 1

A1 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Frisco Disco
A2 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Spanish Sun
A3 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Voo-Doo-Rock
A4 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Headlines
A5 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Shuffle Time
A6 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Hot Cake
A7 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Soul Statement
B1 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Las Palmas
B2 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Sunny Valley
B3 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Promesas
B4 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Maraschino
B5 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Aqua Clara
B6 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Shadows
B7 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Mexican Bird

Tracklist Vol. 2

A1 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Don Fernando
A2 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Mambucaba
A3 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Flat Feet
A4 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Phonic Party
A5 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Funny Games
A6 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Blackout
A7 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Birdchaser
B1 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Vina Del Mar
B2 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Happy Joker
B3 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Lágrimas Esperadas
B4 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Chaco Forever
B5 –Lado's Latin Combination  - La Madrugada
B6 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Las Canadas
B7 –Lado's Latin Combination  - Santa Louisa

Tracklist Vol. 3

A1 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Nobody Is Perfect
A2 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Walk The Round
A3 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Crazy People
A4 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Sloppy Jo
A5 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Mexican Flight
A6 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Duck Dance
A7 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Sweep Up
B1 –Lado's Latin Combination - Canario
B2 –Lado's Latin Combination - Pages
B3 –Lado's Latin Combination - All Of My Days
B4 –Lado's Latin Combination - Dedication
B5 –Lado's Latin Combination - Saaramba
B6 –Lado's Latin Combination - Chucito
B7 –Lado's Latin Combination - Pisco Sour

Tracklist Vol. 4

A1 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Sky Scraper
A2 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Frank's Movin'
A3 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Caribbean Party
A4 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Cirrus
A5 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Open Air
A6 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Da Nada
A7 –Kenny Bird Orchestra - Show Me That Funky Stuff
B1 –Lados Latin Combination - Little Baby's Got The Blues
B2 –Lados Latin Combination - Up Tight
B3 –Lados Latin Combination - Country Clouds
B4 –Lados Latin Combination - Sunrise
B5 –Lados Latin Combination - Lovers Melody
B6 –Lados Latin Combination - Mosca Española
B7 –Lados Latin Combination - Midsummer "Theme"

Style : Jazz,Easy Listening,Disco,Funk/Soul,Stage & Screen,Instrumental

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